Drive With Confidence

If you’re concerned about your safety, or the safety of your loved ones, UFOV® is a perfect solution. The likelihood of experiencing cognitive decline increases with age. Because such declines are closely related to accident involvement, it’s become increasingly important to test cognitive ability. In addition, UFOV® is perfect for commercial drivers or drivers recovering from illness or injury—in just 15 minutes you can determine your risk of accident involvement. UFOV® is the first extensively researched objective test of visual attention and an accurate predictor of accident risk.

Cognitive decline can occur as a result of aging, disease, stroke, injury, medication, fatigue or drugs.
It can affect anyone.

  • 13% of all traffic accidents involve an older person.
  • Each year, traffic accidents kill or injure approximately 1.2 million Americans ages 55 and older.
  • 12.5% of traffic accidents involve a large truck.
  • Each year, traffic accidents involving large trucks result in more than 135,000 injuries or deaths.

Remember, senior drivers are at a higher risk for attentional impairment, using UFOV® as a rehabilitative tool can improve their visual attention by 60-300%. Commercial drivers, although at a lower risk, have high-liability, high-mileage driving careers. These drivers will find UFOV® to be a valuable resource in extending their careers, and their livelihoods.