Who Benefits From UFOV®?

Now—A Safe, Easy Way to Assess Drivers’ Cognitive Ability

UFOV® is intended for people of all ages when testing cognitive functioning. It’s recommended for individuals who drive for a living, have experienced vehicle crashes or may be at risk for accidents because of age-related health problems such as a stroke.

In fact, UFOV® may be a sensitive indicator of early Alzheimer’s disease or other disorders resulting in cognitive impairment. It’s easy to use, and accurately identifies drivers at a high risk for accident involvement—and it’s independent of age. Drivers who test at a greater than 40% reduction in UFOV® have a higher mean crash frequency, regardless of age.

More importantly, it’s rehabilitative. In addition to its diagnostic abilities, UFOV® may be useful in treating some stroke victims and other brain injuries. For the first time, everyone from senior drivers to high-liability/high-mileage commercial drivers has the opportunity to improve cognitive ability—keeping them in the driver’s seat. Useful Field of View is the perfect solution, turning hopelessness into hope.

UFOV® is an extensively researched, objective solution intended for to make your business grow: