Improve Risk Management

Insurance companies can help eliminate perceived age discrimination in the industry by using Useful Field of View (UFOV®) as a risk determinant that is based on ability rather than age. UFOV® can help draw new business [view graph] while reducing the number of claims by current policy holders. Research has proven UFOV® accurately identifies drivers, see chart, at a high risk for accident involvement. And with sensitivity and specificity rated 89% and 81% respectively, it’s a better predictor of accident risk than age, visual acuity or mental status tests.

Additionally, UFOV® is rehabilitative, and improves driving ability. This extends safe driving and effectively reduces the number of auto insurance claims. More importantly, fewer accidents mean less injuries—as well as less emergency room visits and hospital stays. And by extending drivers’ independence by any number of years, UFOV® can proportionally reduce years spent in full-time care facilities.

Finally, consider this—by offering discounted insurance premiums to drivers who submit “low-risk” screening results, you, as an insurer, can gain the competitive advantage your business has been looking for.